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Please read our fishing rules carefully. If you disagree with them, we unfortunately won’t allow you to fish at our lake. We take the care of fish our fish seriously, to ensure we can also give other guests the opportunity to catch specimen fish.

If there is a misunderstanding due to language barriers, please be patient and ask our English-speaking staff to assist.

If you have a target species in mind, please let us know and we will endeavor to put you in the right spot where your chances of catching that species is more favorable and suggest which baits will have a higher chance of success.

When a fish is ready for netting, please inform our guides. This will assist with netting, unhooking and caring for the fish for as long as is necessary for the fish to recover.

Please remove your watch, rings and other jewelry before entering the water. Our guide will tell you when you can enter the water, if you wish, but this is at your own risk.

No fish are allowed to be taken onto the bank. Please take your pictures as quickly as possible. Keep the fish as low as you can to the water, and do not put your hands near the fish’s gills or mouths – many of our fish have sharp spikes and plates, so listen to the guide, and do not under any circumstances attempt to lift the fish on your own – listen to the guide and take his advice at all times.

All fish will be returned as soon as possible if the fish is stressed, and our guides are instructed to return the fish immediately without a photo to ensure the fish’s wellbeing. We will not sacrifice a fish for a photo the fish’s welfare takes priority at all times. Our decision on when to release a fish is final.

All anglers are supplied with a reasonable amount of free bait as part of your half day or full day ticket.

Additional baits are available on request and at cost.

We do not allow outside baits. All baits must be supplied by Samui Fishing Club.

These rules are final – if you do not agree with them, please do not come fishing with us. If you abuse these aforementioned rules, we reserve to right to ask you to leave with no reimbursement.

Do not start fishing without informing a senior member of staff. We must know at all times when you are fishing to ensure you and the fish’s safety. Fishing times are 7am to 6pm. Should you be found fishing outside of these times you will immediately be banned without a refund.

No treble hooks or multi-hook rigs. All hooks must be barbless or have the barbs flattened.

Fly and lure fishing is not permitted.

1 Firm strike is sufficient to hook a fish, do not strike more than once, please take advice from the guides when you are fighting a fish. They will advise you how much pressure to apply to the fish and on your clutch (drag) settings.

All our fish are checked by our guides prior to release, and they will treat any wounds and inject any species that require this treatment as recommended by the Fisheries Department of Thailand. Do not under any circumstances release a fish without our approval.

No swimming or wading – only enter the water for fish care upon the guide’s instructions and at your own risk.

No litter to be left at any time including cigarette ends and tea bags, use the litter bins and ashtrays provided.

No outside food or drinks allowed, please visit our clubhouse/restaurant to purchase food and beverage. We don’t supply swim or room service. Drinks can be taken back to the swims or rooms, please have your meals in our restaurant.

A responsible adult must accompany all juniors under 16 at all times. Samui Fishing Club accepts no liability for juniors whilst on our premises.

We are strictly a catch and release lake. No fish are to be taken out of the lake.

Under no circumstances will an arapaima be lifted from the water – do not attempt to lift one. Listen to our guides’ advice at all times.

Should you kill a fish due to abusing these rules you will be charged its full replacement cost at a price defined by us or our agents.

Please read the following information on what is expected of you and what to expect from us.

Please be respectful to our team members at all times, and we will do the same. If you don’t wish to be polite, please do not expect us to serve you. Should you decide it is your right to be rude or abusive to any of our staff, you will be asked to leave the premises.

Please note as an angler you have come here fishing, you are expected to bait up your own fishing area. You are also expected to cast your own rods out; and strike your own fish.

Our guides estimate all fish under what we consider to be an exceptional size, we will not weigh fish caught as it causes stress to the fish.

The fishing guides jobs do not entail the following, but if they have time, they will sometimes help…

  • Baiting and making ground-bait
  • Casting or striking your rods
  • Running errands delivering food and drinks
  • Babysitting

Our guides’ jobs are as below…

  • To offer advice and to tie and make sure your rigs are safe
  • To net your fish and tell you how to handle them correctly
  • To administer any health care the fish requires

We do not supply one-on-one guiding. Our guides assist all anglers on the one stretch of bank they are assigned to. Should you hook a fish and the guide is busy elsewhere, please call for assistance and wait for a guide to help you.

Our fishing guides are available to assist wherever required.

We do NOT provide one on one guiding, it is NOT the guides job to cast, strike fish or bait up.

If they are free, they may be able to help with casting and baiting, but please do not expect it!

Please listen to them and take note of what they tell you, as their decision on rigs and fish care is final.

If we see that you leave your rods unattended, we will reel them in and wait until you return to your swim.

Do not leave rods unattended at any time. This includes being in a neighboring fishing area. Also do not leave baited hooks in or out of the water, additional rods must be wound in when playing a fish.

Always check your bait runners to ensure that rods don’t end up in the lake. If you lose a rod because unchecked bait runner or negligence whilst fishing, please accept that you will be charged cost price for the lost fishing rod and reel.

All our workers are paid salaries. If you are happy with their services, the appreciate a tip to show your gratitude.

If you are going to tip we would prefer you put your donation in the tip box in the restaurant, as these tips are evenly distributed to all our Thai team at the end of each month, and this system makes it fair for all.

After reading these rules and proceeding to fish you will have agreed to abide by the rules and accept their contents. You will also have accepted that Samui Fishing Club and their employees accept no responsibility for your safety in or around the lake and especially whilst handling the fish. You will be asked to sign our book as an agreement to these terms prior to fishing.


Thank you and we hope you have a great experience at Samui Fishing Club !

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